Fight for Love episode 9 recap

Bowie took Ho Dan out for a drink. Sonija turned on the radio loudly and got mad at Bowie for missing her singing broadcast. Sonija’s friend asked Sonija if she fell for Bowie. Bowie and Sonija ate hotpot with Ho Dan. Ho Dan painted her ex boyfriend’s house during the rain. Ho Dan’s ex boyfriend drove Ho Dan out and said that it’s meaningless for her to work hard for it, they can’t be together. Ho Dan’s ex boyfriend changed the keys. Bowie asked Ho Dan to wake up, her ex won’t get back with her. Ho Dan managed to open the door and continue painting the wall. Bowie and Sonija helped Ho Dan paint the wall. Bowie and Sonija visited Ho Dan’s father. Sonija told Bowie she finds Ho Dan naive. Sonija said if she’s heartbroken, she will be strong. Patrick saw Kenny touching the arm of another girl. Patrick told Sonija’s friend but she wouldn’t believe it. Ha Yu brought soup for the martial art teacher. Ha Yu hangs out with his girl friend. Ha Yu thought of his girl friend as her lover. His girl friend thought of Ha Yu as her father. Ha Yu ignores Miss Nine’s calls. The martial art teacher took Bowie and his friends to the Great Wall of China. Ha Yu ran and asked them to catch up with him, he tripped. Ha Yu told the martial art teacher he will give his business to him and he asked him if he has a girlfriend. Bowie’s friends and Sonija’s friends packed their luggage and wants to leave. Sonija and Bowie persuaded their friends to not give up halfway. Bowie and Sonija and their friends performed on their final martial art test. The martial art teacher announced they passed the exam.



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