Rear Mirror episode 12 recap

Benjamin asked Ryan not to mess with Wayne since he’s not simple to deal with. At the meeting, Louisa gave Benjamin a big project. After work, Louisa looked at the photos of her dog Momo and Wayne’s son play with each other. Louisa happily eat dinner with her family in front of Louisa’s father. Food is the joy of life. Louisa’s family leaves with a cold face after the dinner. Louisa brought dog toys for Momo and Wayne’s son. Another delicious dinner scene where Wayne is the chef. Wayne took pictures of his family and Louisa with her dog. Louisa looked at the Black and White photos and saw a photo of her by the shore. Wayne said the composition looks good so he took it during the sunlight. Wayne gifted Louisa the photo. Wayne said he used Black and White instead of colors cause the world is full of colors and when he does it in Black and White, we will look at things in different perspectives. Ivan asked Natalie to help him court Ka Bo and he’ll pay her. Ivan nagged Natalie that he didn’t know what to say when Ka Bo asked her for lunch. Ivan visited Ka Bo’s house fixing her PC. Natalie checks Ka Bo’s fridge and and bed. There’s no beer in the fridge, and only one bed in the room but men shaver in the bathroom. Ivan and Natalie is about to leave but heard Ka Bo calling her father that he forgot his shaver. Ivan and Natalie stayed for dinner with Ka Bo. Natalie told Ivan she saw Ka Bo’s facebook that she love spicy food. Natalie told Ivan to go to a spicy Hotpot with Ka Bo. Food scene again and this time it is hotpot dinner at in the restaurant. Ivan and Natalie couldn’t endure the spicy food while Ka Bo eat it normally. Ivan, Natalie, and Ka Bo goes to a haunted place. Ivan and Natalie got freaked out seeing ghosts. Ka Bo takes a cab home. Ivan is upset failing to take Ka Bo home. Elaine gave Wayne’s son some gummy candy. Elaine told him she will take him to Disneyland. Elaine gave him a car toy and watercolor pencils. This reminds me when my dad used to buy me those battery toys. Wayne asked Natalie about Auntie Judy and she is so nice for buying him so much toys. Wayne said they shouldn’t accept other toys for granted. Wayne told Natalie to treat Auntie Judy for dinner. Wayne saw Louisa upset and got distracted while driving. Louisa told Wayne the plane was shaking and the flight attendant was falling and the girl next to her was crying. She was thinking if she dies, what would she miss. Her father and Momo came to mind. She just want her family to happily sit and eat a meal together. Wayne told Louisa when we face death, the most important thing in life is what matters. Wayne told Louisa try to open her emotion, she will discover more happy things. Louisa took Wayne to her parent’s factory and showed Wayne a drawing of a Princess Butterfly she drew when she was a child. Dai Chi brought cheesecakes for Louisa. Louisa gave Wayne the cheesecake and painted a butterfly. Louisa saw Dai Chi told Wyane that his blueberry cheesecake cheered Louisa. Louisa took Wayne to the factory and said she felt like flying princess while she drew the butterfly. She plans to publish a children’s book using princess butterfly as a theme. She wanted to have kids with allergies in the story to raise the awareness. Wayne will take pictures while she writes the story.


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