Treasure Venture episode 11 recap

Due to lack of time, I’ll just going to be brief and sum up what happened in bullets instead of writing essays on it.

-Jian Ping tries to act girly holding the chopsticks and asked Ruo Han to help her choked in front of her father and Yuma. Jian Ping feels embarrassed.

-Yu Lung said he likes girls who are mature. He asked Jian Ping to act normal like when she disguised as a male.

-Bai Rue Xue asked Ruo Han to return to his assassin self. Bai Rue Xue told Ruo Han that Yu Lung is a prince.

-Yu Lung searched Ruo Han’s room and saw the key.

-Eunuch Cao ordered Ruo Han to kill a man in front of him. Eunuch Cao killed the man. Eunuch Cao gave Ruo Han a jade and said to wear it and said he is officially and assassin.

– Ruo Han returned to his room and saw Yu Lung waiting for him. They exposed each other’s identity. Yu Lung showed Ruo Han his key. Ruo Han and Yu LUng fight with each other. Yuma knocked on Ruo Han.

-Jian Ping’s father held the jade in Ruo Han and thought he is the son of the legendary thief. Ruo Han said he forgot what happened after his father died. Flashbacks of the the thief saved Jian Ping’s parents out of the grave. They arranged marriage of their children.

-Jian Ping’s father told Yu Lung that the key belongs to him. Jian Ping is thrilled and fell in love with Ruo Han.

– Bai Rue Xue asked Jian Ping if she finds out that Ruo Han is her enemy, how would she feel about it. Ruo Han asked Jian Ping if the second prince is Yu Lung, who would she choose. Yu Lung saw them together and left and got upset. Yu Lung saw Wuji told a girl to run. He saw Eunuch Cao killing some villagers in pieces. Eunuch Cao wants to eat Wuji. Yu Lung arrived and asked Eunuch Cao to eat him instead. Eunuch asked Yu Lung for a reason he wants to die.

-Wuma exchanged a jade ring for the jade bracelet and gave the jade bracelet to the poor. Wu Ma and Xiao Long went to eat at a restaurant and saw the soil lady ( Song YingNiang) argued with some servers.



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