Rear Mirror episode 14 recap

-Wayne prefers Elaine to remain as Aunt Judy to their son.

-It is revealed in the flashbacks the reason Elaine left her son was she feels pressure taking care of him with his allergies.

-Wayne saw some gangster beating up Elaine. He got out of Louisa’s van and helped Elaine.

-Elaine said she married a business owner in Taiwan two years ago, his factory went down, and she had to pay the debt.

– The debt owners told Elaine that Wayne paid her debt for her.

– It’s Ka Bo’s birthday, Natalie and Ivan practice in going on a date. Ivan tried to hold the umbrella for Natalie.

-A dog tried to bite Natalie chased Ivan and he ran.

-Natalie and Ivan dine in a fancy restaurant. Ivan made a rose cake made of cream and dried cherries for colors and pistachio on the inside and digestive biscuits to thank Natalie.

-Ivan invited Natalie to the beach and played the instrument and sing the song romantically.

-Auntie Sa told Natalie that Elaine is staying at her house, what is bugging her is she has to call her Auntie Judy.

-Auntie Sa told Elaine that Wayne worked hard to raise his son without his wife.

-Elaine look around Wayne’s bus and returned the drawing to him.

-Ivan played the song for Ka Bo. She asked him to stop since it brings sad memories of her mother passed away.

-Ka Bo told Ivan she had a crush on him the day she lost her USB and he stayed during the rain and picked up the USB. She saw him with Natalie together so she didn’t tell him about the crush.

-Auntie Sa saw Elaine picking up her son from school an took him for a check up.

-Auntie Sa asked the clerk about the receipt and she said the DNA receipt.



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