Moon Fairy episode 19 recap

The rabbit begged the little fairy to save Fann. The rabbit found the box and released Fann. Fann ran to the kingdom and told the emperor and the queen that it was all her idea. Christopher said he’s only doing the things that other gods don’t dare. The king asked the queen to be lenient on them. The queen punished Christopher to stay in the earth and Fann being locked in her room. The emperor told Fann that if she leaves with Christopher then they will break ties. Fann told her father if he interfere with their relationship, then don’t blame her for being an unfilial daughter. She will always love Christopher. Fann’s sister found Christopher and embraces him. Fann’s sister told Christopher she knows he only likes Fann but she will take good care of him. Fann’s fourth brother upset making Fann sad. The first brother and his brothers drink with the fourth brother. The first brother gave a suggestion to the queen to arrange the marriage between Fann and Christopher’s brother. The first brother told Christopher’s brother that the voice that keep on talking to him is the dragon. The first brother told Christopher’s brother he’s been possessed by the dragon. Fann’s sister told Christopher’s brother to beware of the first brother. The first brother said he doesn’t care if the first brother is using him as long as he can marry Fann. Fann’s sister doubts if they’ve gone too far. Fann’s sister told Christopher that the queen has arranged the marriage between his brother and Fann. Christopher asked his brother why does he treat him this way. Christopher’s brother told Christopher that he and Fann love each other but afraid to be married because of the kingdom’s rule but he is scared to love Fann because of his brother. Christopher’s brother told Christopher to not dream of being with Fann cause he can never be with her. The king told the queen that she can me mad at him but Fann is innocent. The queen asked the king if he wanted Fann to go back to his old path.



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