Twin of Brothers episode 9 recap

Raymond stared at Tavia cleaning her handkerchief by the sea. Raymond picked up the handkerchief for her and gave her flowers. Raymond told Tavia he will work hard for her. Tavia introduced Raymond and Ron to her father. Raymond and Ron tied up some rebels to please Tavia. Tavia punished Raymond and Ron and said this time they did a good thing but caused huge troubles. Tavia sat on the canoe with a master and asked him to lend her some soldiers. Tavia put the handkerchief over the master’s hand. Tavia plans to steal a manuel. Raymond, Ron, and Li Qian saw a master grabbed a lady for pleading for some commoners. Raymond and Ron peeked at a lady being whipped, and got caught by a female sect leader. The female sect leader demanded Raymond and Ron steal the manuel for her. Raymond and Ron used their power to untie themselves. Tavia visits the princess in the ship. The princess doesn’t welcome Tavia and she left. The female sect leader teach Raymond and Ron some martial art. Raymond and Ron is about to fall; Nancy saved Ron.



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