Rear Mirror episode 16 recap

Wayne and Louisa watch the eclipse together. Louisa brought the dog home and played with Mary. Ryan and Susan arrived home saw Wayne and picked on him. Mary and Susan nitpicked on each other. Susan sneezed. Louisa told Wayne a story about her mug when she was in college, she lost her wallet but a grocery store owner made her Chinese dishes. Wayne asked if they made the Ningbo sea dumpling; it is his relative grocery store which his parents rented for them. Wayne said his father used to be a chef and worked hard so he can run it in the future, but he hung out with the wrong crew. When his father passed away, he started his life over. Wayne’s son gave Louisa his birthday invitation. Ronald and Natalie eat spicy hotpot with Ivan and Ka Bo. Naalie and Ivan picked up the dried bean curb roll. Ivan made cakes for Louisa. They complimented each other on their happy attitude. Louisa asked Ivan to make a cake without dairy. Auntie Sa made a sandwich cake for Wayne’s son. Louisa brought the jello cake for Wayne’s son. Wayne whined to Ronald about Ivan’s cake being delicious. Auntie Sa drinks and tried to confess her love to Wayne. Wayne told Auntie Sa he only treat her as a friend. Wayne’s friend held the umbrella for Auntie Sa. Uncle Wing and Benjamin got held in custody in the police station in China for collaborating with Cheong Yim whom did illegal things, on the Clear Water Project. Uncle Wing looked at the news and remember he used to be in jail for three years for bribery. Ivan asked his after to stop collaborating in the Clear Water Project. Louisa told Uncle Wing if he continues to complain about the project, she might remove him from his post.




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