Blogging: Mind Frustration

You know when others would be proud if we ran a blog about photography, knitting, or food. When people know we run a blog about dramas, they don’t really care nor put that in mind? Why is it? We promote asian culture! How useful do you think blogging about dramas is?

I have a mixed feeling about blogging about dramas seeing many of our blogger friends leaving the drama world cause they don’t mind it helpful, they are too busy with other things, they are not dedicated enough. Sometimes I wanted to take a break to focus more on real life but sometimes I still want to blog. Like how I was doing a bit of blogging on Line Walker and All that bitter is Sweet which I didn’t really watch it and just skim in it out of curiosity but still gets hits for it. Some fans would suggest my blog for it despite I only took a bit of screencaps cause I don’t have enough time to watch the whole episode. I know there is a lack of drama bloggers whether korean or tvb. There used to be many Korean and TVB Drama blogs, now fans seems to be too busy doing other things than watching dramas.

My question is: Why are we still watching dramas and blogging despite many bloggers have left the blogging world?

3 thoughts on “Blogging: Mind Frustration

  1. drama blogs are totally cool! those that watch dramas would think so too. I like reading drama blogs, typically drama review blogs because I can fanboy over the drama posts which I’ve watched & enjoyed 🙂 also helps me choose what to watch next Lol

    • Yeah. But some of the past tvb bloggers left and shut their blogs and found that personal blogs or cooking blogs are more useful than drama blogs. It gives me a different perspective.

  2. I think drama blogging is still useful to me personally. It helps me sort out my feelings towards a drama, plus it’ll help me remember what happened in the drama later on.

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