Line Walker episode 18 screencaps

Raymond piggyback Charmaine while she is drunk. Charmaine told Raymond she knows he likes her. Raymond find it’s not the time for them to date since being UC is dangerous.


Sammy drunkenly went to Sharon’s house. He held her hand and regrets sending info about Patrick being a dirty cop. Sharon told Sammy she believes him but he gotta give her some time to settle things.


Patrick set up the Undercovers



2 thoughts on “Line Walker episode 18 screencaps

  1. hey Jac! just wondering. what is your motivation in blogging about screen caps or episode recaps? is it to make it easier for people so that they can flip back to certain episodes that they like? i have yet to see Line Walker, so i dont look at these posts. Thanks! ^^

    • Recap is for fans to enjoy the series more. Screencaps makes the recap more better visually and helps fans understand the story. I enjoy taking screencaps of scenes I like or fashions and beautiful locations.. I didn’t really watch the whole episode of Line Walker. Due to limited time, I skipped most of Michael and Elena scenes and Toby’s scenes. I find Charmaine’s character too comedic for my liking. Overall the series is too comedic for me which I prefer watching a more serious cop series.

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