Drama Blogging Ends

Hey guys! Thanks for supporting me and this blog. I think I will discontinue this blog but I will still keep this blog open. I don’t see any point of maintaining or keeping up with the blog anymore since TVB and KDramas are currently going downhill but it has been fun knowing other bloggers and recapping dramas and taking screencaps.

Plus I’m too busy in real life to maintaining a blog anyway. Now I just want to enjoy real life and relax.

❤ Jac.


6 thoughts on “Drama Blogging Ends

    • Yeah. Not sure if I will come back after I get all the study sort out. TVB and KDramas are going down anyway so there’s not really anything to miss in dramas. I’ll always be around on twitter.

      I’m keeping my blog open cause sometimes fans would look around my old recaps somehow. Somehow and surprisingly some old series recaps still gets hits.

  1. I’m sorry to see you go, but best of luck with your studies and adjusting to being a normal fan! I really admire your impressive recapping history. It takes a lot of dedication for keeping your blog going strong for so long! Also, I’m glad to hear you’ll still be over on Twitter! Take care!

    • I know. But it doesn’t help when I’m busy with my studies. Gotta focus on that pharmacy stuff. Plus the dramas are going downhill anyway, I mean old dramas are better.

  2. Good luck with your future endeavours, Jac! It was nice knowing you this short time we had 🙂 Hope you check back every now and then! don’t forget us ok! :PP

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