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Introvert or Not


Yeah at times my friends would tell me to stop blogging or watching asian dramas, just for my own good. Sometimes my friends are not sure why I watch dramas when I could be doing something else. They are not sure if I’m just very bored or it is just my hobby. Different friends, different perspective on blogging.

I’ve been told by my friends to:

-Go outside more

-Get another hobby which are more active socially such as sports and play the piano.

-Quit watching dramas.

-Get off the laptop.

-Find a boyfriend.

-Watch American Dramas.

-You don’t need online friends. I would have thought real life friends are closer.

-You could be the top drama blogger but no one would know.

-Blogging isn’t your career. I just think that you can be successful at other things, why not try other things?

Some of my other friends would say some positive things

“Well it’s social media!”

-“It’s worldwide, it doesn’t matter if it’s not for American, you can blog for the asians and other fans.”

-“At least you have some blogger friends whereas I don’t have any followers in my art blog.”

-“Perhaps there’s not a lot of drama fans in Plano and Frisco, but I know there’s many drama fans in Houston.”

“Hobby is neither right nor wrong.”

-” Keep blogging to promote for the asian entertainment.”

-“Your friend is wrong, it’s your choice if you want to blog about asian dramas.”

“Lol what’s wrong with asian club and promoting asian entertainment?”

Yeah blogging about dramas is how you perceive it. Some thinks it is bad, some view it as good.

2 thoughts on “Introvert or Not

  1. I live in Houston and these cowboys rag on me all the time about Kdramas too…I’ve been watching since I accidently found dramafever in 2009. The dramafever was my gateway drug into Kpop now I’m taking Korean and eating Kimbab regularly. I’m planning my trip to Korea next year..By the way I’m a grandma.

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