HK-Korean Drama Expression

Line Walker episode 25: The death of Foon Hei and the three mothers.

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The triad pointed a gun at Raymond forcing him to shoot Benz. Benz told Raymond to shoot him since he is young and still has a bright future. Samantha showed Mr. Sung’s voice mail in the phone. Raymond asked Samantha to spare Benz but she said “It’s not that I don’t want to but they only listen to one person”. Raymond used the morse code making a sign for Benz to escape. Benz grabbed the gun and shoot himself. Charmaine’s three mothers saw Benz died, and they freaked out and screamed and ran in the woods. The triad chased the three mothers and surrounded Raymond. The three mothers got shot.




Charmaine crying about her mothers death and want to kill Samantha. Charmaine wants to leave the town with Raymond. Raymond admits his fault of failing to save her mothers. Charmaine surprised to hear that Raymond was at the scene. She slapped him and asked him to leave.






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