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Line Walker episode 23 cute scene

Didn’t really watch Line Walker but the love scene between Kobe and Sharon always get me. So heartwarming.

Sammy (Kobe) bought the whole batch of balloons for Sharon. Sammy whispered to Sharon that the OCTB are watching her. Sharon and Kobe kissed under the balloon and ran.



The balloons are gone now. Kobe got another gift.


Sharon teared up listening to Elena on the phone and feel relieve her sister is fine. “Kobe, I love You!”



Drama Blogging Ends

Hey guys! Thanks for supporting me and this blog. I think I will discontinue this blog but I will still keep this blog open. I don’t see any point of maintaining or keeping up with the blog anymore since TVB and KDramas are currently going downhill but it has been fun knowing other bloggers and recapping dramas and taking screencaps.

Plus I’m too busy in real life to maintaining a blog anyway. Now I just want to enjoy real life and relax.

❤ Jac.

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Line Walker episode 21 scene


-Sammy wrote on the box that he has another goal which is to nail the mastermind.

-Sammy has a headache and recalled a cop murdered Patrick after he fell down.

-Michael apologized to the UC that they can’t be reinstated right now.

-Michael told the head of the CIB that he’s meeting with the undercovers in the safehouse.

-The triad sat in the safehouse and getting prepared to shoot Raymond, Charmaine, and Sammy.

-Michael asked Elena to tell the undercovers to meet him in another building. The undercovers now know who’s the dirty cop.

-Michael told the head of CIB that so many people die, he had to test him for the safety of his UC.

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Rear Mirror episode 17 recap

Too stressed these days. Watching this series to relax. 🙂 Sorry for the so late update. This is one of my favorite series this year but was too busy to finish it.

I’ve noticed that Benjamin and Stanley appeared less in these few last episodes.


-Uncle Bing told Susan if Louisa knows the reason behinds her mother’s dead she won’t be thriled.

-Susan told Uncle Wing that Louisa cares for Momo and won’t have time for them.

-Dai Chi showed Louisa a magazine cover of her and Wayne.

-Dai Chi showed Wayne the magazine cover and asked Wayne to swear he never fell for her. Dai Chi reminds Wayne that Louisa’s faces come first.

-Louisa asked the reporters if it is wrong for the driver and their boss fall for each other. Louisa said love breaks the barrier of race,color,status, and age. True love deserves respect. Wayne is a great employee. They’ve been working on the storybook to raise the fund for allergy. Natalie and Wayne’s grandma support Wayne going for Louisa.

-Wayne’s son asked Wayne if he likes Louisa. Wayne said he admired her as his friend. He will quit his job to drive him to school everyday.

-Uncle Wing lost some files in his servers. He asked Ivan to fix it for him. Ka Bo sadly went the party alone. She asked Natalie to order spring chicken with spaghetti for Ivan. Natalie saw a special dish on the menu and ordered it for Ivan. Natalie helped Ivan recover the files. Natalie read the documents in the photocopier. Louisa’s father told Wayne to keep up with his good work.

-At the meeting, Uncle Wing announced the board to remove Louisa as CEO. Louisa’s father arrived. Louisa’s father kicked Uncle Wing out of the company.

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Line Walker episode 20: Sharon and Sammy Love is in the air

Sammy pushed Patrick down the building and they both fell. Sharon read the diary and found out Sammy (Kobe) is an undercover. Michael walked in and told Sharon the secret that Sammy and Ada were undercovers.

Michael to Sharon:

Michael: “Because of you, Kobe wanted to give up being a UC and be reinstated many times. You’re his driving force, as long as he thinks about you, he’s not afraid of anything. Kobe feels guilty about the miscarriage, he wanted to kill himself. It’s dangerous to be a UC but Ada and Kobe persisted. When Kobe wakes up, I hope you’ll support his decision carrying his mission.”