Twin of Brothers episode 10 recap

Ron and Raymond fought with Waise on the ship. Ron saw the princess’s face under the veil and finds that she’s looks like Christine. Waise fought with Nancy. Nancy told Waise that Ron belongs to her, if anyone disturb her, she will interfere. Nancy told Ron to recite a poem for her. The princess told Waise she has to revenge for her sister. Waise flew out of the burnt grave and fought with the princess. Waise told the princess she tried to save her but she fell down the sea. The master brought a basket of logans for Tavia. Li Qian picked up the yarn ring that Raymond plans to give to Tavia. The master pleaded the majesty to drop the idea of starting a war. The majesty arranged the marriage between Tavia and the master. Raymond returned the manuels for Tavia. At the ceremony, Tavia announced she choose to marry the master. Raymond sadly congratulates Tavia to find a husband with a good match for her. Tavia apologizes to Raymond. Tavia told Raymond they aren’t fated to be with each other.




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