Cake Empress episode 1 recap

Hey guys, just in the mood to recap one of my favorite old ancient series Cake Empress.

A doctor’s family got executed. Three years later, Esther and Roger runs a cake stall. Esther gave a cake to a girl. The girl got arrested by the guards. Roger recognized her as the daughter of a doctor. Esther saved the girl. Esther asked the servant to help the girl get out of the gate. The servant brought the girl to the guards. The guards found the girl in the hays and grabbed her. Esther found silver in her mother’s clothes and asked her where it comes from. Esther stood in front of the magistrate’s gate and demanded him to release some girls. Roger gave money to the family. Roger brought Esther to the girl. The girl ran away and went with the guards. Roger told Esther that he thinks the girl’s plan is to assassinate the king. The maids got poisoned. The girl played along and pretends to faint. The guards surrounded the queen. Esther stared at the queen and thought it was Esther. The queen asked the girl if she knows who poisoned the maids. The girl said she didn’t know how to drink wine so she didn’t get poisoned. The girl tested the meal for poison and ate with Esther. Esther told the girl she doesn’t need to tell who poisoned her because she already know. The general poisoned the eunuch. The general asked the consort to not be impatient to be the queen.




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