Twin of Brothers episode 11 recap

Li Qian told Tavia she is cold blood for treating Raymond like that. Raymond and Ron leaves Tavia’s house. Tavia hopes that Raymond will grow up after she marries the master. Ron and Li Qian took Raymond to watch the play. Raymond drinks. Raymond and Li Qian got drunk and slept together. Li Qian visits her best friend at the temple. Raymond and Ron asked Li Qian’s best friend’s collaborating with them against Waise. At night, Li Qian’s best friend’s brother tried to steal the maunel, Raymond and Ron pretends to die and escape the house. Ron and Li Qian wear a mask and harass Li Qian’s best friend. Raymond plays the hero and saved Li Qian’s best friend. Raymond and Ron gave the majesty of a manuel showing Waise’s plan of rebel. Waise’s soldiers surrounded the majesty. Waise fought with the majesty. Li Qian and Nancy flew and helped Raymond and Ron fight with the soldiers. Nancy told Ron she likes him.



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