Surprising stuff

There are some stuff that cracked me up, making me smile.

-A blogger noticed and asked me “Do you recap every drama you watch, wow you are so dedicated.”

-Some bloggers linked my Rear Mirror and Line Walker recaps and suggest to some fans. I just smiled and was actually quite surprised.

-Some fans noticed that SPCNET and I are some of the rare fans who grew up with Wuxia TVB Series. Yay kudos for us.

-When some fans and bloggers have questions about some old tvb series, they think I may know.

-I’m quite surprised by the number of dramas I’ve blogged. Some are the old Wuxia Series I loved, some are the current airing tvb series, and with a few kdramas.

– Though I’m glad I got to know Dramafever, SPCNET, and KTVB, there are still a bunch of other bloggers and fans I haven’t interacted with. Silly me.


One thought on “Surprising stuff

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