Reasons fans don’t blog or vlog about Wuxia

I’ll list some reasons why there is a lack of Wuxia blogs. It cracked me up when some Mainland Drama fans goal is to promote Wuxia to Americans. A tvb Wuxia fan and I chatted about how they will fail. Looks like most of the fans on their Wuxia blogs are Native Chinese. Medium speaks for itself.

-Lack of Audience/Exposure: Wuxia is not targeted for international fans. No matter how much you promote it to international fans, it will be a Fail. Most Wuxia fans are Natives.

– Lack of available english sub.

– Too much culture slangs: Ancient dialogues are hard to understand. Even if you are Chinese, you won’t understand seventy percent of the dialogues.

-Overused CGI.

-Culture difference: Most international fans are not into those flying and kicking.

Promoting Wuxia is not a bad thing but Westerners are just not into Wuxia.


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