Stuff bloggers cheered me up

At times I’m feeling down in the blogging world but some of my blogger buddies cheered me up and gave me advice.

“I did notice some can’t take opinions so I rather not say much in public. That’s why I ignore people when I think they suck”.

“Recapping is a choice and shouldn’t be a request.”

“We are old generation haha.”

“Have you seen Swordman 2013, it sucks so bad ruining Jin Yong’s work?”

“I like Return of Condor Heroes 95 the best and also Demi God and Semi Devil 96, and State of Divinity 96.”

“Seems like the people that like those new Wuxia Series have something in common, they missed the good old Wuxia Series. Hu Ge Series aren’t justified for all Wuxia Series. ”

” Not really a fan of Hu Ge Series, I’ve seen it all and Hu Ge doesn’t do much Wuxia. I liked Chinese Paladin 3 but didn’t like Seven of the Sky, Xuan Yuan Sword, or Chinese Paladin.”

“CGI can’t keep the series, it is good plot which makes the series stays, that’s why we love the good old Wuxia.”

“Blogging world is like real life, you can’t please everyone! Ban them!”

“Don’t quit blogging for just a person. All I know is these shouldn’t be promoted.”

“Though I’m a kdrama blogger, believe me my knowledge about kdramas aren’t as much as your knowledge about hk dramas.”

“I really do think you need more support. You should be happy.”

At times I just want to quit the entertainment world cause writing can be a pain to the ass. I don’t think I am a blogger type cause I get upset easily but there are always a few drama bloggers messaging me and cheering me up.

Blogging takes a lot of time! The only rule is to Be Nice!

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