Cake Empress episode 4 recap

The consort kinapped the girl. The general’s guard took her away.The consort told Esther to sign the document. Esther denies of being the cake empress but the queen. The majesty arrived. Esther hid behind the cover. The majesty saw Esther and claimed she’s the most beautiful woman. Esther visits the girl. Esther invited the magistrate for a drink of tea. The magistrate feared drinking it since them aids used to be poison after drinking tea from the queen. Esther took the girl to the sedan chair on the way to the palace. The magistrate took the queen away and thought she was impersonating the queen. The girl cried and want to leave the palace. The queen persist that she’s the real queen but the magistrate didn’t believe. The magistrate is about to behead the queen. Roger wore a black outfit and pointed a sword of the guard and demanded to release the queen. Esther worries about losing her virgin to the majesty.



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