Cake Empress episode 7 recap

I like this series a lot. This will be the third time I’m watching. Still like the bodyguard.

The servant put the rice bag on the queen but she fell. The queen whined she doesn’t have the strength to carry the rice bags. The servant said if the queen refused to make the crepes for a living, then they will be starved. Esther’s mother asked the servant to carry the bowl and begged for money. The queen made crepes. Esther had a nightmare of the girl killing the majesty. The queen failed to make the crepes. The majesty and the girl hung out outside the palace. The girl disguised and tried to stab the majesty but fell. The majesty visits Roger. The girl pushed the majesty in the well. Roger realized the majesty is in the well. Roger prevented the girl from closing the well. The bodyguard saved the majesty. The girl confessed she closed the well but the majesty didn’t believe it. The girl grieved in the lake for failing to kill the majesty. The general’s guard pointed a sword at the girl. The bodyguard asked the guard to leave.



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