Recommended TVB Series for Americans

You know how there’s a discrepancies between Asian and Americans Culture. These are some of the tvb series I would recommend for Americans or Non Asians to watch or first time watching hk dramas..

I’m just thinking of An American’s perspective of what they would like.

I also hope this list will help Dramafever somewhat to decide which HK Dramas to get..


-Dicey Business

-The Ultimate Crimefighter

-Best Selling Secrets


-Catch Me Now.

-A Journey Called Life

-The Master of Tai Chi

-The Four

-Love Exchange

-When Easterly Shower Falls on the Sunny West

-Wasabi Mon Amour


-You’re Hired

-Rosy Business

-A Chip Off the Block

-Pages of Treasure

-A Watchdog’s Tale

-The Gem of Life

-The King of Snooker


-Born Rich


-Every Move You Make

-A Fistful of Stances

-Links to Temptation

-Twilight Investigation


-Seven Days of Life

-The Rippling Blossom

-Only You

-Wax and Wane

-Bottled Passion

-Ghetto Justice


-The Confidante

-Witness Insecurity

-Highs and Lows

-Friendly Fire

-Missing You

-Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles

-Tiger Cubs


-A Change of Heart

-Seasons of Love

-Slow Boat Home

-Brother’s Keepers


-Coffee Cat Mama

-Rear Mirror

-Swipe Tap Love

-Ruse of Engagement


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