Nostalgia Series unforgotten

There are some series I grew up watching but don’t know the title but only remember the plot or certain scenes.

-A Taiwanese Ancient Series where Dai Chunrong (The Empress in Princess Pearl) plays one of the statue. There was a knight whom is the goddess’s brother who rebel in one of the cases and got punished by staying in the bottle. The third case was about a group of bandits who raised the son of the victim. The son loved a girl, the couple were to live a sad life since they did evil things in their previous generation.

-An ancient supernatural series with Gallen Lo as the villain. I remember I told my parents “I remember seeing him in Legend of Condor Heroes 94.”

-An ancient series where Lawrence Cheng plays the leads and he enjoys looking at antiques.

-A world war period drama where the lead character has a friend who has one of the arms being chopped for him where the lead character was supposed to be the one being chopped.

-A modern series where a male character continuously blinks his eyes. There was a scene where a couple actually touched the poop.

I was happy when I found the title of a drama I’ve watched during childhood. “Journey of Love”. Here’s the theme. 🙂


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