What comes off in Blogging

Things to get prepared before you run a blog.

-Episodic recaps vs news vs editorial posts.

-Writer’s Block.

-People stealing your content.

-Networking: Promote your blog using social media. Would you do a podcasts or vlog, it’s up to you.

-Who are you writing for? Know your audience.

-You never know who’s reading your blog. There are many silent readers.

-What should you write or not write on the blog. Is the information too personal?

-Be careful of jokes, people can take it in the wrong way.

-What kind of blog do you want? Personal, Business, or a mix of both.

-Choose an organized blog theme. The layout shouldn’t be too confusing.

-Should you make your blog private or public? Should you limit the search engine.

-Do you blog for yourself or for others?

-Should you add a blogroll?

What other tidbits to consider when you run a blog?


Blogging takes a lot of time! The only rule is to Be Nice!

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