It’s like when others have been telling me I’m smart but lazy. I worked so hard on my drama blog but don’t study as hard. If only I could be more dedicated in my studies and work.

It makes me think when others told me that some have disabilities but work hard but I’m intelligent but just don’t try. I can do those things that they do if I work hard.

I admit I do spend too much time drama blogging when I could have spent more time on more productive things.

At times I wanted to take a drama break but I couldn’t control myself so I keep on blogging.

Do you ever feel that you could have spent more times on other more productive things if you didn’t blog. You could have spent your blogging time doing something else?

Life is short. Gotta use our time wisely.


One thought on “Distraction

  1. i enjoy blogging very much, but that doesn’t mean i only blog in my free time. other times i play badminton, play games, watch anime/drama & i intend on doing volunteer work on the holidays. is that what you mean? what is productive. :3 Lol

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