Fight for Love episode 12 recap

-Bowie performed Tai chi.

-Bowie and his friends sighed about not having a job.

-Sonija lost her room and assistant.

-A girl on the bus asked Sonija for an autograph.

– Bowie saw Sonija on the charity show eating cockroaches.

-Sonija took Bowie to the beach to pray. Sonija took Bowie to her grandma.

-Sonija sighed to Bowie about her loss of status. Bowie hugged Sonija.

-Sonija’s grandma is happy for Bowie and Sonja thinking they are dating.

-Bowie held Sonija’s hands and hung out with her.

-Sonija showed Bowie the heart picture on the tree of her and her first boyfriend. Bowie scratched it and kissed Sonija.

-Bowie went to the bar to find Miss Nine. Ha Yu beat up a guy. Miss Nine told Ha Yu she came here to cook.

-The bar got into a fire Ha Yu and Miss Nine worried for each other. Ha Yu play mahjong with Miss Nine’s friends. Miss Nine showed Ha Yu a necklace she wants at the jewelry store.

-Bowie and Sonija open their own wine business.



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