Come on Cousin episode 3 recap

-Marco paid for Lam Suet at the grocery store. Lam Suet stared at Marco and dream of Marco asking her if she’s Kate Tsui, Linda Chung, Fala Chen. Marco asked Lam Suet if she thinks he’s playing Captain Sam or Captain Cool. Marco teach Lam Suet to be an actress. At the clothing store, a fan recognized Marco as Louis Cheung and asked him for an autograph. Marco took pictures for Lam Suet and asked her on a date. Lam Suet participated in the contest but failed. Lam Suet saw her father with Tin Yau’s father and misunderstood him for ruining her contest chance. Joi Yeh overheard Lam Suet told her father he faked dementia so he could come home. Choi Jeh’s father explained he faked dementia to make up for Joi Jeh’s childhood unhappiness. Tin Yau planned a Siberian Food Festival. Joi Yeh took of his bear hat and saw Jing Man walked by and remembered she was his childhood friend. Joi Yeh demanded Tin Yau to change the supermarket rules. Marco took his clothes off, then his colleagues took the clothes off.



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