Treasure Venture episode 12 recap

Bai Rue Xue told Ruo Han to not even dream of being with Jian Ping. Bai Rue Xue pretends to suicide in front of Yu Lung and said Ruo Han is her bad boyfriend. Wu Ma prevents Yu Lung to fight with Ruo Han. Ruo Han denies of having a woman behind Jian Ping’s back. Ruo Han told Bai Rue Xue to wake up. Bai Rue Xue cut her wrist and fainted. Ruo Han chased Jian Ping denied the incident. Jian Ping asked Ruo Han what is he hiding from her. It’s raining. Bai Rue Xue held the umbrella for Ruo Han. Yu Lung hugged Jian Ping when she is fainting. The other child monk refused to follow Xiao Long and enjoy the rich life. The child monk then follow Xiao Long and Wu Ma. Ruo Han told Bai Rue Xue that her plan is well established but it won’t make him fall for her.



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