Love Triangle in Dramas

Here are some situations I found in love triangle in a drama. Those love triangles also happens in real life. I used to think I was a second choice when one of my crush wanted to get to know me better after he broke up with his so perfect girlfriend. I was frustrated in the situation since all the attention were on me but I couldn’t help compare myself to his ex. It strikes me when one of his friends said but she and I are both good girls.

-Male lead can’t get the female lead so they chose to give the second lead or third lead a chance. EG. L’Escargot Ron and JJ, Raymond and his final girlfriend in Yummy Yummy.

-Lead couple had some misunderstanding, they broke up and then date someone else, then get back together. EG Discovery of Romance and Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love.

-Two guys love the same girls or two girls love the same guy: That happens often in many kdramas such as My Girl, You’re Beautiful, Princess Hours, and Full House.

-An ex hurt the female lead terribly, and now the female lead is with the male lead. The ex wants to get back with the female lead. E.G Placebo Cure, Personal Taste.

-The male lead is dating a second lead but starts to fall for the female lead or vice versa. E.G The Ultimate Addiction, My Girl.

-An ex disappear, and the male lead still miss the ex. EG. Detective Investigation Files IV between Louis, Jessica, and Anne.

-A lead loves both females: EG. A Step into the Past and Square Pegs.

-The second lead made many sacrifices for the lead but the lead loves the female lead.

-Arranged marriage between the leads but eventually they will fall in love with each other.


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