Jobs vs Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Which one do you think is harder? Finding the right girlfriend/boyfriend or finding a good job?

I’ve been stressing about finding a good job despite having numerous offers. Some of my guy friends did asked me for a relationship but I rejected them. One of my friends said “Some jobs require to have lots of connection and a family member.” “Sometimes they will say a few years of experience but they don’t really mean it.” One time when I went on a date with one of my white guy friends in a sushi restaurant, he told me something I was surprised “Jobs will come to me someday, I’m more worried about finding a girlfriend.” He said would never be willing to move in other states for a job like my other friends. When I wanted to pay for the dinner, he prevented me and said “I’ll pay all, you don’t have a job, let me pay it.” Sushi dinner is expensive but he was willing to pay all for this date. My cousin was like “Both are easy if you are not picky.”

One time I chatted with one of my University friends on fb chat, we were both liberal arts major, she is white and preppy, I said I got 4A’s and 1B’s and she got 6 A’s and 1B’s, she’s so smart. She told me “You’re smart too, It’s not that hard, just a lot of work!”.

Which one are you more worried about or which one do you think is easier or harder?


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