Fight for Love episode 14 recap

Bowie’s friend made breakfast for Bowie. Bowie’s friends indirectly told Bowie’s friend that there are some people who don’t want to see you again after work. Bowie’s friend misunderstood them talking about Stella. Bowie told his friend he put a password on his computer because he doesn’t want anyone to dig his private stuff. Bowie’s friend took a bath and wash his clothes. Bowie and his friend fought over an underwear claiming its their. Bowie’s friends complained about their company. Bowie’s friend asked Bowie suggestions for suggestions about the proposal. Stella asked Bowie to return to the company. Bowie’s friend took Stella to the arcade. Bowie’s friend told Stella she’s not as cold blooded as others sad. He told her when others know each other for a short time, they can know it better than those who are in a relationship for a long time. He hopes she drink and smokes less. Ho Dan styled the hair for Sonija. The director praised Ho Dan filming the flying scene. Sonija took photos as model for Bowie’s company. Sonija fell asleep and missed the bus stop to the wine store and rushed back. The lead actress is jealous of Ho Dan. The actress put her phone in Ho Dan’s purse and accused her. Ho Dan got fired. The martial art teacher gave Ho Dan some money. The martial art teacher asked Sonija what happened to Ho Dan. The martial art teacher fought with some employee for Ho Dan. The martial art teacher asked Ho Dan why didn’t she tell him that they bullied her. He asked her to go to Beijing with him. Ha Yu helped the martial art teacher fought some men at the restaurant. The martial art teacher apologized to the actress and asked the producer to let Ho Dan stay at work. The martial art teacher bowed in front of the actress. Ho Dan and Sonija saw him. Ho Dan and the martial art teacher stared at the beautiful sea.



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