Some awesome Wuxia blogs

I’m too busy to keep up with my blog nor blogging about some good old Wuxia Series these days. Work Hard and Play Hard. There are a few great Wuxia blogs who covered a decent amount of TVB and Mainland Wuxia Series. LOL most of the Wuxia blogs only cover Mainland Dramas so I’ll post blogs that cover both TVB and CDRAMAS. Especially cause I love the 90s era of TVB.

Still irks me about the fact that some Mainland Drama fans believe that some tvb fans don’t really watch Wuxia cause they don’t want much Hu Ge Series and Mainland Dramas. May I say that that there are some Hu Ge fans who don’t watch enough Wuxia so they can’t judge?

Blogs that I like!

Jole Cole A great blog about Wuxia but not limited to Wuxia.

White Haired Demoness Vietnamese Wuxia Blogger

Wuxia Rocks FB Fanpage I like Wuxia Rock’s Knowledge about Wuxia Series!

Some helpful Wuxia blogs resources:

Koala’s Playground

A Virtual Voyage


Blogging takes a lot of time! The only rule is to Be Nice!

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