Cake Empress episode 8 recap

The girl asked the bodyguard why does he always saved her. The bodyguard told the girl something are better left unknown. The majesty peeked at Roger thinking he’s trapping him. Roger serves tea for the majesty. Roger asked the majesty to let him marry Esther. Roger held a bowl of Esther’s favorite dishes to the queen. The majesty saw the queen with Roger in the horse carriage. Roger brought the dish to Esther’s mother. The queen denied of telling Roger to cook this dish. As Esther’s mother is about to throw the dish, Roger ate the meal. Esther visits the general. Esther asked the general to search for the majesty. Roger thanked the majesty to let him keep his store and live with Esther. The general remembered showing his newphew a map and promised he will take him around the world. Esther saw the majesty wearing Roger’s shirt and hugged him. The majesty told Esther he already know about their love. The majesty read the letter in front of Esther. Esther denied and said there’s a picture of a crepe and she never liked eating crepes.



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