Cake Empress episode 9 recap

Esther told the majesty, it’s been three years he didn’t visit her and he knows nothing about her. Esther denies of writing the letter. After the majesty talked about Esther visiting her mother, Esther and the maid realized that the queen must be in Esther’s house. The girl asked the general to help her find one person for her. The general took the girl to her father’s home. As the general prayed in front of the girl’s father’s tablet, the girl cried and held the ashes. The general asked the girl how did she survived. The girl asked the general if the edict was a fake one. She doesn’t see the majesty as an evil king. The bodyguard told the girl that people doesn’t seem as they are, some people are nice to her on the outside but evil on the inside. The general is planning a trap for her. Esther dresses in a black suit and tried to sneak out of the palace. Esther poured the cup of tea on the guards. The majesty arranged marriage the consort with Roger. After receiving the edict, Roger ran. Esther arrived home. Esther fainted. The consort stopped the general’s sedan chair and asked him why did he let her marry Roger. The consort told the general that the queen in the palace is fake. The majesty ordered the guards to arrest Roger if he goes to the palace. The general stabbed his bodyguard to test his knife. The general gave the knife to the girl and asked him to punish his bodyguard. The girl pointed the knife at his heart.



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