Fight for Love episode 15 recap

Bowie’s friend got upset eavesdropping his colleagues laughing behind his back. Bowie’s friend brought food for the cats. Bowie’s friend asked Stella to touch it. Ha Yu told the martial art that one Jet Li is better than plenty of useless martial art students. He gotta choose carefully his disciple. Miss Nine lost the ring Ha Yu gave her. Ha Yu found the ring on the street. Miss Nine played mahjong and asked Ha Yu to pay the debt for her. An acupuncturist told Ha Yu he has a tumor. Ha Yu bleeds his nose.. Ha Yu demanded Miss Nine to return the ring. Ha Yu punch some gang. Another actress Mary came and acted with the actress and complained that she can’t act. Mary encouraged Sonija that someday she will have opportunities to shine in this acting industry. Sonija goes to Mainland to film. Bowie and Ho Dan went to the video store. Bowie bought a video of The Bund 1980. Bowie and Ho Dan watched The Bund and discuss about Hui Man-keung’s character. Ho Dan asked Bowie if a man is great for sacrificing everything for love. Stella and Bowie’s friend arrived at Mid Autumn Festival party in Bowie’s house.Kenny’s girlfriend upset that Kenny isn’t at the party. Patrick saw Kenny with another girl on the street. Patrick asked Kenny to go to the party. Bowie’s friend and Stella watch the stars. Bowie’s friend asked Stella to make a wish. Ho Dan helps Bowie wash the dishes. Bowie’s friend and Stella feed the cat. Bowie’s friend told Stella today is the happiest Mid Autumn Festival because there’s her. Stella agrees but he must propose to her in Mandarin. Bowie and Ho Dan watches The Bund together. Ho Dan slept on Bowie’s shoulder and blurted out she came to Hongkong to see him.



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