Moon Fairy episode 20 recap

Fann bleeds in tears. The rabbit asked Christopher’s brother if he keeps on pursing Fann, can he bring her happiness. Christopher’s brother said Fann will appreciate him. The rabbit asked Wong Mo for help and asked Christopher to climb up to heaven. Fann’s sister asked Christopher to give up for his brother. The rabbit climbs up the ladder. The rabbit cries in tears. Christopher walked through the rainbow. The rabbit hugged Fann and told her that the queen let her and Christopher be married. Fann said though she and Christopher had to go through many obstacles, she feels it was worth it. Christopher’s brother disguised as Christopher and married Fann. As Fann and Christopher drinks, the cord between them broke. Fann saw Christopher’s brother real face and threw the cup and left. Fann grabbed the legendary sword and about to kill herself. Wong Mo laughed about Flahsbacks of the queen asked Christopher to find him a peach that is even stronger than Wong Mo. She asked him before he leave, he must drink the water in the peach. The queen tied up the rabbit and asked Fann to prepare the wedding. Christopher’s brother stabbed himself.



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