Twin of Brothers episode 12 recap

Hey guys! I typed this recap at four in the morning since I couldn’t sleep. But typing in this time makes me feel relaxed with no noise surrounded me when everyone is asleep. 🙂

Nancy seduced Ron then took out the arrow from his body. Waise and Joel’s troop attacked Tavia’s troop. Nancy told Raymond and his friends she’s not interested in the martial art in the novel but she wanted the book to find a sect leader. Nancy played the flute and got upset that Ron came thinking she was Leila. Nancy knocked Raymond and Li Qian and stole the book. Nancy cooked meals for Ron. Leila fought with Nancy. Ron sat by Leila and asked Nancy to stop. Nancy asked Ron to leave but he wouldn’t so she punched Ron. Raymond and Li Qian walked in the forest. A monk told Raymond there’s one person who can save Ron. Ron told Leila he hopes to travel with her around the world. Ron asked Leila to take out her veil so he can see her face. Leila took off her veil. Ron said it was the happiest moment in his life. Nancy visits Ron in coma and said she hates him for treating her this way. Nancy cries and asked him not to die. Raymond, Li Qian, and Leila took Raymond to the savior. The doctor told Raymond to step through the fire. Yvonne Yung plays the role of the leader of the dark sect. The doctor told Raymond that his feet got poisoned and will have to be healed in three days.



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