Cake Empress episode 10 recap

The girl asked the general’s bodyguard to leave. The general gave the girl the edict which caused her whole family to be executed. The general’s bodyguard dressed up as the majesty’s bodyguard and attacked the girl from behind. The majesty’s bodyguard let the girl stabbed him. The majesty’s bodyguard rode on the horse with the girl. Esther and the maid pretends to sleep on the bed when Esther’s mother came. Esther’s mother locked the room. The maid and Esther sneaked out of the house. Roger and the queen went to the teahouse and got surrounded by the consort’s guards. Roger ordered the guards to grab the consort. Roger took the hit for the queen. The queen left. The queen returned back picking up Roger whom is injured. The bodyguard and the girl arrived to the tea house. Esther and the maid went to the teahouse. The consort saw the queen and Roger in the forest. Roger woke up and scared the consort. Esther took Roger to a deserted house. Roger asked Esther to take out the arrow from his back. Roger told the queen he saw Esther in the palace. He realizes that the queen is not Esther after she left him at the forest. Roger told the queen to bring Esther back if she returns to the palace. The queen wiped off the blood on Roger. Esther and the maid hid behind the bushes and saw the girl and the bodyguard passed by. The girl warned them that the consort is trying to catch them. Roger had a nightmare asking Esther not to leave him. The queen said she rather be a normal girl and marry a man who truly loves her. The consort and her guards surrounded Esther and the maid. The girl yelled that the majesty’s guard is here, and the consort left. Roger wakes up.


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