Asian Drama Bloggers Countdown

Dramabeans and OCkoala are still very active in the kdrama world but a lot of drama bloggers left the blogging world. A Korean in America already counted that there’s only 20 active kdrama bloggers left.

I’ll do the countdown for CDRAMAS, HK Dramas, and Taiwanese Drama blogs.

-There’s only 2 active Mainland Wuxia bloggers left which is Wuxiaedge and CFENSI.

-Hyn5 and KTVB will always be here. There’s only a few tvb bloggers remaining which is HYN5, K For TVB, TVB A Way of Thinking, Causal TVB, and Summer’s TVBmicfan.

-There’s not much Taiwanese drama blogs. There’s only 2 Taiwanese Drama bloggers left which is Obsession of Line and Dramapot.


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