Fight for Love episode 18 recap

Bowie got sued for plagiarizing the proposal. Bowie meet Kenny at the basketball court. Bowie asked Kenny if he ever feel ashamed whenever he cleaned up his mess. Kenny apologized to Bowie for betraying him. Bowie asked Kenny to go to the police station with him. Kenny was about to hit Bowie with a wine bottle but he left. Bowie told Sonija she is naive for giving up her movie lead actress dream to help him. The producer asked Sonija if she is willing to film porn movies. Ha Yu and Patrick saw a newlywed couple on the street. Ha Yu went on a date with Miss Nine and gave her a bouquet of red roses and a pom. A client asked Ha Yu to massage him. Ha Yu searched for the ring. Ha Yu proposed to Miss Nine. Sonija gave Bowie some money. Ho Dan told Bowie she must be honest and tell him that Sonija was willing to take nude photos to gather money for him. As the crowd took photos of Sonija, Bowie took Sonija away. Sonija told Bowie she feels intimate when he held her hands and ran. A gangster told Ha Yu that Kenny played gambling in Macau and is in debt. The martial art teacher brought food for Ho Dan. They sat outside at night waiting for Kenny. Ho Dan and the martial art teacher saw some gangsters took Kenny. Ho Dan chased Kenny. Kenny pushed Ho Dan down the stairs.



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