Yan Hua San Yue / Misty Love in the Palace episode 5 recap

Kang Xi denied to the Empress Dowager to arrest Rong Ruo cause it was Ao Bai’s scheme. Ao Bai’s niece told the magistrate that Ming Zhu’s guards has been cold to him. Ao Bai’s niece coughed, Si Zhen walked out of her bed and checked up on her. Si Zhen blew opium on Ao Bai’s niece. Kangxi picked a consort. The guards brought congee for Ao Bao’s nice and nitpick her that the guards are only lucky if they even get one bowl of congee. Kangxi sent Ming Zhu an edict. Kangxi plans to use Ming Zhu to rebel against Ao Bai. Si Zhen told Ao Bai’s niece she believes that the previous emperor brought karma to her. Ao Bai knocked on his niece house. Ao Bai saw an extra pair of shoes by her niece’s bed. Ao Bai told Ming Zhu that it is hard to be his enemy because he will end up dying. Ao Bai opened the cover and asked Si Zhen to come out.



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