Fight for Love episode 19 recap

Damn. Those old modern tvb series were good. Much better than the current modern dramas.

Sonija sighed that Ho Dan sacrificed for Bowie but she couldn’t help as much. The martial art teacher folded 999 paper cranes for Ho Dan to get well. Kenny went to Sonija’s friend’s house. Patrick brought food for Sonija’s friend. Kenny grabbed Sonija’s friend and tied her and Patrick. Kenny left the house and got chased by the triad. Bowie saw Kenny and helped him. Sonija saw Ho Dan and Bowie happily holding the paper crane. Bowie told Ho Dan it was the martial art teacher who fold those cranes. Bowie visited Kenny in jail. Mary told Sonija if she has a choice, she rather spend a few more years studying. Sonija’s friend invited Patrick to dinner. Sonija’s friend kissed Patrick. Patrick bleeds his nose. Ha Yu told Miss Nine he ate too much healthy food which caused him to bleed his nose. Patrick asked Ha Yu why did he bleed his nose also. Sonija got the lead role. Sonija rejected the offer. Ho Dan wrote a letter which said happiness has been around her all along. Ho Dan hugged the paper cranes bottle. Bowie invited Sonija to dinner. Bowie asked Sonija if he did something wrong which caused her to avoid him. Bowie read Sonija’s letter bidding farewell and wishing him and Ho Dan well. Bowie searched for Sonija and said he has lots of stuff to tell her. He’ll forever remember her.



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