Cake Empress episode 13 recap

The majesty check his edicts. Esther told the girl she believes that the majesty won’t be able to to find the criminal who did the fake edict. The majesty madly threw his sculptures. Esther asked the majesty how does he know if the edict is fake. Esther asked the majesty to check the edict without the general. Esther told the majesty she suspects the general. Esther told the girl that her father died, the general could have made up a story. The girl asked the majesty’s general to bring the general’s bodyguard here. The general asked the bodyguard to punch him. The majesty’s bodyguard asked the girl why did she sent a fake edict. The girl said she is only doing what the majesty want to do. Esther told the girl that the bodyguard and the general must have planned together. The previous’s majesty friend visited Esther’s mother and asked her to let Esther be in the palace. Esther saw the majesty making cakes for her. Esther told the majesty he needs to work. The majesty gave the general an edict to find the queen. The majesty asked the general to sign on it. The consort asked the general how did his wife died. The general’s son dream of his mother. The general flew the kite with his son.


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