Cake Empress episode 14 and 15 recap

Esther went to become a nun. The majesty tries to persuade Esther. The previous majesty’s friend told Esther’s mother that Roger ran away with another girl. The majesty promised Esther to find her mother. Esther went to find her mother but didn’t see her. The general brought Esther’s mother to Esther. Esther’s mother showed Esther the queen’s ring. Esther’s mother told Esther that the people in the palace are schemers. The previous majesty’s friend tied himself up in front of Esther. Esther wished she could help the majesty keeping his reign. The queen teared up and told Roger once he reunites with Esther, she will leave them alone. The queen asked Roger if he can call her by her name. The queen’s maid disguised into a boy gave her pin to the waiter as a ransom. The general’s bodyguard followed her. The general’s bodyguard grabbed the queen’s maid and asked the queen to return with the general. The queen’s maid told the queen she will take care of her in her next life. The queen’s maid jumped in the sea. The girl told the general she suspects the bodyguard know who gave the fake edict. The girl showed Esther the maid’s pin. The girl dressed up and ate with Esther. A maid told the girl that the queen’s maid also has a similar pin. The maid told Esther that the queen’s maid is an orphan and the queen found her by seeing her wandering in the street begging for food. Esther believes that the queen is in danger. The girl showed the majesty’s bodyguard the queen’s maid pin. The bodyguard told the majesty that there’s an edict that said to behead the queen. The majesty’s bodyguard told the general to take care. Roger gave Esther some pork. Roger bought a crepe. The seller gave Roger some extra crepes. Roger put some mean on the crepe for the queen. The general’s son flew a kite. The girl caught it and read a slip of paper he wants to find his mother. The general’s son told the girl she’s the first woman he saw besides his mother. The girl told the general’s son that life outside is fun. The girl opened the window and the general’s son ache. The general’s son told the girl he can’t see the sunlight. The girl got scared and left. In the woods, the girl recalled her father told her if she sees a patient with a disease not being able to see the sunglight, she can’t cure him. The officials bowed in front of the majesty and asked him to give up his reign since he didn’t bear a son before turning thirty five.



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