Cake Empress episode 16 recap

Esther faked pregnancy with the majesty. Esther told the majesty she got pregnant after she fainted and didn’t know what he did to her. The majesty said he only took her clothes off but didn’t take all of it. The majesty believes the baby must be Rogers. Roger and the queen walked into the woods and feel onto a hole. An old lady picked Roger and the queen up from her wolf’s trap. The queen wished she could put on the blanket for him. Roger stared at the queen and reminds himself that she is not Esther. Roger and Esther saw the old lady sleepwalk. The old lady was about to pointed a sword at Roger and Esther but two assassin fell down the hole. Roger and Esther saw a tomb and picked up a stamp and a letter. Roger read a letter that someone created a fake edict under the general’s order to frame the girl’s family. The old lady grabbed the stamp and cried that her family got executed. The official bowed and congratulates the majesty for his son. Esther jumps and told the previous’s majesty’s friend not to worry. The consort ordered the eunuch to put some powder on Esther’s food. Esther told the majesty sometimes it is alright to trick others for the good. The majesty told Esther after he quit his reign he will teach her son to write. As Esther was about to tell the majesty the truth, she got a stomach ache. Esther got mad and blames the majesty to put the powder in the soup thinking he has Roger’s son. The previous majesty’s friend told the majesty that Esther is a good girl and he really wants her to be the queen.



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