Fight for Love episode 20 recap (End)

Ho Dan visits Bowie. Bowie told Ho Dan it was his fault for not thinking of Sonija’s feelings. Sonija told Bowie she wanted to tell him she will forget him. The martial art teacher gave Patrick a flyer for the national boxing competition in Hongkong. At the boxing match, Patrick fell down and got hurt badly. To motivate Patrick, his girlfriend kissed him. Patrick punched his opponent and won the contest. Patrick showed the gold trophy to his girlfriend. His girlfriend found a ring. Ha Yu and his friends goes to Beijing. Bowie pretends to court Ho Dan to motivate the martial art teacher. The martial art teacher sadly left the restaurant. The martial art teacher knocked on Ho Dan’s door and told her he always loved her but because of his status as her assistant. He knows he’s not a sweet talker but this time he has to have to courage to tell her. He hopes to eat her homemade cake each night. Ho Dan walked out of the room and hugged the martial art teacher. Ho Dan and the martial art teacher takes wedding photos. Bowie’s friend showed a new house for Bowie. Bowie stared at the meat stick stall and thought about Sonija. Sonija dropped her piece of paper on Bowie’s floor. Sonija sent a piece of paper to Bowie to picked up her paper. Bowie placed the paper under Sonija’s door. Bowie saw the top of the wall leaking and told Sonija on the phone if her bathroom is leaking. Bowie, Ho Dan, and the martial art teacher watch Ho Dan’s ex performed. As Bowie signed the paper, he recognized Sonija’s name. Bowie called Sonija on the street. Sonija smiled and bumped into a car and fell down her bicycle. Bowie held Sonija’s hand at the hospital. Bowie asked Sonija to promise him not to leave him again. Sonija told Bowie she was confused but she really likes being in Beijing cause no one knows her and she feels free. Bowie couldn’t believe Sonija’s mandarin and handwriting has improved. Bowie helped Sonija walk. Some martial art students jogged by. Bowie and Sonija hugged each other.



The End!


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