Hey Arnold! Dinner for Four

Hey Arnold is one of my favorite Cartoon Shows. I’m doing recap of an episode of it. 🙂

Helga won a coupon on a fancy French Restaurant Chez Pierre. Helga hid in the garbage and heard Arnold telling Gerald that Helga is not sophisticated but Lila is. Helga practices dining sophisticated with Arnold. The menu’s in French. Arnold complimented he’s impressed of how sophisticated Helga is tonight. Helga looked at the bill and found out that she went to Chez Paris instead of Chez Pierre. Helga ordered more food to stall time. Helga called Nadine to bring the cockroaches in the restaurant. The waiter suspects Helga doesn’t have any money. Helga claimed she’s the daughter of a rich man. The waiter told Helga that the rich man whom she claimed as her father is currently in Switzerland. Nadine arrived with the cockroaches. The restaurant closed. Arnold told Helga they should go back and admit their mistakes. Arnold and Helga ends up washing dishes. Arnold told Helga she is sophisticated for admitting her mistake. Arnold splashes water on Helga.










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