Love Bond episode 1 recap

In the airplane, in his return from San Francisco to HK, Michael read about the different types of roses in the magazine, and thought about his breakup with Anne. June and Edmond cleaned up the red paint. Mose confronts June and Edmond of using his white paint. Mose threw the bucket of white paint over the wall. Michael arrived home. Edmond and June told Michael that they paid Mose to paint the torn cement. Mose demanded Edmond and June five hundred dollars. Michael confronts Oscar and Natalie about the broken frame of their father’s painting. Oscar complains to Edmond about moving his stuff in his room. Michael asked his siblings about why did they eat pizza and hamburgers instead of healthy food. Michael picked up a dollar bill for Kenix on the street. Edmond introduces Kenix as a journalist to Michael. Kenix borrow some flowers for her news. Michael held a bouquet of fake yellow rose and found it look real. Bernice confronts fred of ruining her horse statue. Kenix and her boyfriend plans to open a coffee shop. Bernice saw Moses preventing a lady eating the cakes. Bernice chased and handcuffed Mose. Mose gave the old lady ten dollars. Kenix asked Michael to pick a bouquet of flowers. Michael picked a white flower. Oscar demonstrate cutting durian using his knife at the mall. Oscar saw Michael and dropped his knife. Mose’s glasses broke. Oscar hid behind the table. Mose asked Oscar to pay compensate for his glasses. Oscar gave Mose 50 dollars. Michael saw Oscar. Oscar told Michael he dropped out of school after half a year. Michael saw Edmond and Natalie walked in the court. Natalie told Michael she didn’t mean to rob money. Edmond told Michael he borrowed money from loan shark but didn’t have money to pay. Edmond told Michael he used his five hundred thousand dollars for the company instead of getting back their house. Michael encourage his siblings to work hard. Michael gave Edmond a cheque to pay his debt. Michael showed the white rose to his siblings and said they should live peacefully together like the bouquet of roses.



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