KDRAMA Couple Breaking episode 1 write up

-Han Yeo Kyeong and Lee Jeong Seok goes on a blind date and got married. Han Yeo Kyeong is a rich and polish girl whereas Lee Jeong seok is a poor guy. Will their different lifestyles and manners break them up?

-Lee Jeong Jae blinked at Han Yeo Kyeong to play along when he sold the lamp to the ladies which he designed. Han Yeo kyeong showed Lee Jeong Jae her name card and their mothers was a fan of writer Kim.

-While working at the construction, Lee Jeong Seok peeked at Kim Hye Yeong taking a shower. Kim Hye Yeong slapped Lee Jeong Seok. She massage him hard at the massage parlor.

-Han Yeo Kyeong cooks curry for Lee Jeong Seok. Lee Jeong Seok fall sick in bed.

-Lee Jeong Jae called Han Yeo Kyeong. She dresses fashionably to see him.



You can watch it on Dramafever Couple Breaking


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