Rear Mirror episode 19 recap

An inspector checks around Wayne’s house. Mong’s allergies sympton arise. At the bar, Ivan gave the cherry biscuit to Natalie. Ivan told Natalie he found out the one who miss is her. Natalie told Ivan to not see her again aside business talk. Ivan chased and hugged Natalie. Ronald wished her and Ivan the best. Ronald and Natalie become friends again. In the office, Ivan told Natalie she will be transferred to Tsuen Wan’s office. He got drunk at the bar and didn’t know what he said. Flashbacks of Ka Bo taking pills when Ivan wanted to break up with her. The judge gave the custody to Mr. Shum and Elaine. Louisa told Mong he can water the plants with Wayne during the holiday and see how much it has grown. Mong hugged Wayne and cried before leaving with Elaine and Mr.Shum. Ivan told Ka Bo that he checked with the pharmacists and those pills were vitamins. Ivan told Ka Bo they don’t have anything in common. Wayne sent Mr.Shum a message to pick up Mong after school everyday. Mr.Shum asked Mong to play with his train. Mong insist on playing with the minibus that Wayne gave him. Elaine told Mr.Shum that maybe it was wrong for them to take Mong back. Mr.Shum looked at the family drawings that Mong drew of Wayne. Louisa asked Mr.Shum if Mong is happy staying with him. Mong returned with Wayne. Susan and Ryan sold their share to Mr.Shum. Elaine left Mr.Shum. She gave a sum of money to Wayne. Louisa chased Susan and a car came toward Susan.



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